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Houston Seed Saver

  • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • 306-726-5788


The Houston Seed Saver  will put money in your pocket, rather than leaving it in the field, by minimizing  header losses.  It is a shield which is designed to prevent seed loss over the back of the header.  The shield keeps kernels from being tossed out over the header by the auger fingers.  The Houston Seed Saver hangs forward overtop of the feeder house intake.  Its superior design allows it to lay horizontally, suspended over top of the header auger.  However,  the operator’s view will not be obstructed by it, as the HSS is made of clear Margard (coated Lexan) in an aluminum frame.   You will also experience less dust, and and faster reversing when it gets plugged.  Contact Bill Houston at 306-726-5788  or  [email protected] for more details.

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