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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions was co-founded in 2011 by agriculture innovators Howard Dahl and Barry Batcheller. Batcheller and Dahl saw the potential for using emerging technologies to reduce cost and waste while improving yield and efficiency in today’s ever more competitive ag industry.

Both Dahl and Batcheller bring a lifetime of experience to IAS. Dahl is the grandson of E.G. Melroe, founder of the Melroe Company which developed the iconic Bobcat loader. Dahl’s father Eugene and uncle Les Melroe took over Steiger Tractor in 1970, later selling the company to Case Corporation in 1986. Dahl and his brother Brian founded Concord, Inc. which quickly became the nation’s leading manufacturer of air seeding equipment. In addition to their success in the U.S., Concord also fared especially well in the former Soviet Union, selling more than 500 Concord Air Drills into that market. In 1996, a portion of Concord was sold to Case Corporation and the Dahl brothers used the remaining company assets to launch Amity Technology, a leader in sugar beet harvesting equipment and air seeding equipment. Amity also owns Concord Environmental Equipment which produces the world’s leading soil sampling equipment. Additionally, the Dahl brothers are partners in Wil-Rich LLC, a manufacturer of tillage and spraying equipment in Wahpeton, ND.

Batcheller, a native of New York state, graduated from North Dakota State University in 1977 and was soon working as an electrical engineer for Steiger Tractor. After leaving Steiger, Batcheller founded Phoenix International in 1987. Phoenix International designs and manufactures ruggedized electronics primarily for the agriculture and construction industries. Under Batcheller’s guidance, Phoenix International grew to employ more than 1400 people. In 1999, the John Deere Company acquired Phoenix International and Batcheller became Deere’s Director Technology Growth, scouring the globe for innovative products and concepts to add to Deere’s portfolio. Upon leaving Deere, Batcheller founded Appareo Systems, LLC a quickly-growing firm specializing in building low-cost, lightweight electronics for the aviation industry. Now employing more than 50 people at its Fargo headquarters, Appareo Systems has quickly become an industry leader in hardware and software for lightweight flight data monitoring for light and legacy aircraft.

Drawing upon the resources of both Amity Technology and Appareo Systems, IAS has already developed several products that leverage the unique abilities of both companies. IAS’ first products include the innovative Wireless Blockage Monitor (WBM) for air seeding equipment and the Active Depth Control system for Amity’s beet harvesting equipment.

IAS is headquartered in Fargo, ND.


Wireless Blockage Monitor

This new wireless blockage monitor prevents blockage for air-seeders while seeding using innovative acoustic technology, which differs from the popular optical sensors. Using sound it can detect if seed is flowing smoothly or if there is a block. Very time efficient and economic for farmers. The monitor works like a stethoscope, monitoring sound pulses as the seed "pings" off stainless steel sensors. The sound travels down to the ECU where it transmits through a wifi connection to the cab of the tractor. This design uses an iPad to display readings.

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