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Wall Grain – Bins

Westeel Centurion W Bins

Range in sizes from 10 000 - 300 000 bushels. The Centurion is a commercially designed bin excellent for larger capacities. They come with the same features as the Wide Corr design and it utilizes lighter gauge wall sheets with outside stiffeners allowing for greater strength without adding extra expense. -------------

MC (Mathews Company) Dryers

Family-owned manufacturer of quality grain dryers for more than 50 years. Many options in the 75 Series, 80 Series and Infinity Series screen dryers to fit any size operation. They also manufacture Vacuum Cool Tower Dryers which are great for Corn drying. MC manufactures continuous flow dryers and they are constructed for high efficiency and ease of operation.


Fast-Dry is a low cost option for drying your grain (compared to a dryer). This method requires a bin with full floor aeration and matching up the right size of fan and burner to go along with it. The right set-up will allow you to take the grain off the field sooner (tougher) when the weather is good and let you mimic the drying that would happen on hot fall days in the field. This can help you save grades on the grain and help with time constraints during harvest. StorMax The grain in your bin is a huge investment, so why ignore it once the bin is full? StorMax gives the option of temperature-reading-cables, or cables that read both moisture AND temperature. Both are simple to use (plug-and-play technology), and the information you can gather from your cables is invaluable


With the time demands a modern farmer faces every day, monitoring grain conditions is often the first thing to slip. With Integris, it doesn't have to! From remote notifications to fan and burner automation, Integris takes pre-set conditions that you decide on and gives you both the control and freedom you need to maximize your farm profits. ----------------------

Bin Set-up

With so many options available to the modern farmer, what is it that makes them choose Wall Grain? Time and time again we've been told by our customers that it's our set-up crews that close the deal. With a network of crews based throughout Western Canada we are able to offer service with efficient, on time service. Our crews are among the most trusted and dedicated in the business with a track record of high quality, fast, clean work.  All our crews are overseen by a construction foreman who is always available to ensure that our high standards are met or exceeded. Quality service is always the benchmark that we work towards. That means customer service after your grain handling system has been built.  We strive as a company to keep your facility running as efficiently in the future as it was when first built.

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