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Allen Leigh Security and Communications

Farm Security -- We specialize in Agriculture,and Commercial Business Camera Monitoring Systems. Allen Leigh has been in the farm security business since 1996. We provide wireless video monitoring, alarm systems, farm security systems, two-way radios, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR's), drive way alarms, temperature alarms; implement cameras, and wire and wireless video and audio equipment. Everything you need to keep your operation secure. We offer products from such well known manufacturers as CNB, Dakota Alert, Vertex Standard, and DSC. Our own brands, Implement Cam and Cow Cam further contribute to our efforts to meet the needs of our clients. But in our quest to solve farm security problems for our clientele, we can access over 300 brand name products to help solve virtually any security or surveillance situation that our clients come to us with. Learn more at:

PowerRich Corporation

Providing A Total Fertilizer PowerRich, along with your present nitrogen program, provides a total fertilizer. In addition to phosphorus and potassium, PowerRich also provides all of the other nutrients that are either absent from your soil or in a form unavailable to your crops. Plants are living organisms and require all 14 known nutrients in order to achieve maximum growth, health and yield. Under intensive farming practices, your crops are the same as the livestock in the barns in that they require the full spectrum of required nutrients, not just the three primary nutrients. Split Field Test Results In split field test trials PowerRich consistently out performs the regular PKS fertilizer program. The single most important reason is that PowerRich is fortified with a full spectrum of micronutrients in a form that is usable by the crop. Plants require a wide variety of nutrients for maximum growth, health and yield. By adding PowerRich to your present Nitrogen fertilizer program, you'll be stage feeding your crops with a complete, balanced fertilizer in a form that is usable by your crop. Granular, soluble and foliar blends are all available to fit your existing application methods. The results can be seen in the two photographs below. The upper photo is a crop in Southwestern Manitoba. The field was split. A conventional blend was used on the left as compared to PowerRich on the right. The lower photo also shows the difference between PowerRich and a conventional chemical fertilizer program. Visit us at: PowrRich Corporation; Your Soil is Your Future

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