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AGCO unveils ‘IDEAL’ combine harvester

AGCO takes to market a new generation of rotary combine harvesters. The IDEAL from Massey Ferguson line-up offers the biggest integral grain-tank capacity available on the European market, the fastest unloading rate and the largest threshing area – all focussed on delivering significant gains in efficiency and output.

Some features of the IDEAL combine harvester:

  • Three brand-new combine models, featuring single and dual rotary threshing systems – the 451hp MF IDEAL 7, 538hp MF IDEAL 8 and 647hp MF IDEAL 9 – plus ParaLevel versions.
  • Fuel-efficient engines: AGCOPOWER 9.8 litre (MF IDEAL 7), MAN 12.4 litre (MF IDEAL 8) and MAN 15.2 litre (MF IDEAL 9).
  • 4.84m ‘Dual Helix’ rotor fitted to the MF IDEAL 8 and MF IDEAL 9 is the longest in the industry.
  • 12,500 and 17,100 litre grain tanks: 17,100 litre option is the largest currently available with approximately 18 per cent more capacity than the largest available today.
  • 140 and 210 l/sec unloading rates.
  • Self-adjusting: For ease of use, the optional IDEALharvest App adjusts the working combine automatically.
  • ‘DriveCenter’ engine manifold includes the transmission for the chopper, header and processor. Simple design results in a low number of belts and chains, low power requirement and very low maintenance.
  • Narrow transport width – Even the largest MF IDEAL 9 with 800mm tyres or new 26-inch (660mm) inhouse-designed tracks can meet a 3.3m overall width requirement, expanding the potential for width-regulated farmers.
  • New super-comfortable and quiet ‘Vision’ cab with panoramic visibility.
  • AutoDock time saver – automatic hitching for the header drive, hydraulics and electrics directly from the cab

To learn more, visit the Massey Ferguson website.

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