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Batco Belt Conveyers


1500 Series

Designed for performance and durability

  • Capacity up to 6,000 bu/hr.    
  • 10″ diameter 14 GA tube (note: on 55′ – 100′ first 30 feet has 12 GA tube for additional strength)    
  • 2-ply 15″ Chevron rubber belt with nylon slider back    
  • Models in 5′ or 10′ lengths from 35′ – 100′    
  • Weather protector standard on 55′ – 100′    
  • Hydraulic scissor lift offers greater reach and bin clearance – standard on 65′, 75′, 85′, 90′ and 100′ models    
  • Maximum operating angle (30º)    
  • Plastic hood and collapsible canvas hopper provide excellent cushioning for fragile materials

Drive Options:

  • PTO (side or front)    
  • Hydraulic (shorter units only)    
  • Electric    
  • Gas


  • Self-propelled wheel move kits    
  • Weather guards (optional on 35′-45′ models)    
  • Swing Away (designed for unloading tractor trailer units)    
  • Stainless steel available for all lengths (longer lead times)
1500 Series Features
  • Clean convenience
  • Gentle handling
  • High capacity
  • Low horsepower
  • Low maintenance/long wear characteristics


Custom Applications/Specifications

Custom Configured – Batco Conveyors can be custom fit for almost any requirement.

Depending on the model, choose from gas, electric, PTO, hydraulic or gas/hydraulic combo drives.

The unique Batco S-drive can be mounted almost anywhere along the tube – at the lower end to accommodate PTO drive, or higher on the tube for other drives to allow longer reach into bins.

An electric top-drive is also available for models under 45 feet. An optional integral swing hopper or portable transfer adds versatility as does the optional self-propelled kit.

Most Batco models are available in corrosion resistant stainless steel to accommodate bulk material handling. Advanced custom belt conveyor configurations can be accommodated by the factory. See your dealer for details

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