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Blu-Jet SubTiller 4 with options

Tillage, Planting & Seeding | Jun 13, 2012 | Available at Botterill Sales


The SubTiller 4 is designed to reach deep compacted soil, up to eighteen inches. To get optimal results, it’s recommended to set machine for one-to-two inches below your compaction zone. The Subtiller4 lifts soil, compresses, and breaks it up before sending it back down again for a smooth finish.

The forward angle of the shanks makes the job easier as there are no wings required to lift the soil. The rolling baskets on the back smooth surface. This machine eliminates compacting while maintaining good residue coverage.

An inline ripper used to remove deep compaction with little to no surface disturbance. Removing deep compaction in no-till soils allows for water storage, drainage and improving soil health.

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