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Tube Conveyors:  Discover Why Our Conveyors are The Best in the Industry.

  • Positive drive system. Non-Slip, self-tensioning.
  • Works in all conditions including wet and frost. Automatically adjusts to place only enough tension on the belt to drive the load.
  • As a result the belts can move millions of bushels before being replaced.
  • All undercarriages are heavy duty and built to last for the life of the conveyor.
  • Available in steel, stainless steel or steel tube with stainless steel ends.
  • Hydraulic scissor lift is standard on the larger units.

Utility Conveyer:  Performance & Value

Convey-All’s efficient Utility Conveyor features a 10” tube with 12” wide belt and moves your seed quickly and gently with a conveying capacity of up to 3,500 bu/hr.

Commercial Seed Tender:  Industrial Capacity. Innovative Design.

The Commercial Seed Tender (CST) boasts multiple compartments for fast and efficient conveyor load-out ensuring gentle handling and no seed damage; even with delicate, extra dry seed.

Up to five compartments providing the utmost capacity and the ability to service all your seeding equipment and floaters with different products all on the same trip; saving time and money on trucks and drivers.

Ideal for farmers as well as bulk seed and fertilizer dealers.


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