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Nova XP Smart Cart and Onboard Tanks


Nova XP Smart Cart

The Nova XP Smart Cart is made to suite any size farmer, coming with a 520 to a 820-bu capacity and has both liquid and dry options in a two-, three- or four-tank option. The larger capacity allows for more seeding between fills, and can handily up to four products at once in its bigger models, ideal for different fertilizer rates and blending.

It has many “smart” technologies built in, such as Zone Command to cut costly overlapping, and product weighing systems to display individual product weights in the cap to enable recalibration while in motion. This provides great savings in both time and cost for farmers.

With up to 10 seed and fertilizer isolated airflow runs you can balance air flows across long and short runs, preventing bounce and blowout issues. The air cylinders disengage gears on metering rollers, instantly stopping and starting flow of product, preventing double seeding and fertilizer overlap. Two rubber pulse pads in primary tubes randomize product flow for accurate row-by-row distribution and rubber mould construction lessens seed damage.

Each tank sits on load cells which send weight readings to monitors inside the cab for seeding, and on the tank for filling. Nova’s conveyor increases time efficiency, safety, and overall makes filling tanks easy alongside the remote-controlled hydraulic lids on the tanks.

There is no welding at stress points on the frame, and the frame components are cleaned in a blasting chamber and powder coated for durability.

SXX20 and SXX40 Onboard Tanks

Similar to the Nova XP Smart Cart, these on board tanks come with smart technology designed to make seeding more efficient. A large conveyor to fill tanks in minutes, with remote controlled lids on the tanks, farmers don’t have to worry about climbing up and opening tanks by hand when refilling. There are weigh scales under each tank, which send information to a monitor in the cab while in motion. This product partners very well with a large variety of drill sizes, and has excellent metering accuracy. The design in this machine puts emphasis on making every seed count.

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