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MAV Straw Choppers: A Fine Cut for Better Seeding Performance

The development of Redekop’s Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) Straw Chopper is a breakthrough in crop residue management. The MAV’s revolutionary design uses two zones for cutting and spreading, rather than a traditional rotor design that depends on the cutting blades to also spread the straw.

Our straw chopper’s cutting zone has 4 rows of long life blades mounted in pairs on the rotor. For optimum cutting performance, a high density counterknife (tight spaced knife bar) is recomended.


MAV Straw Chopper Features

  • Straight sharpened reversible blades finely cut straw into uniform sizes
  • Paddle blades increase chopper air flow, spread width and uniformity in wide body choppers
  • Fan blades generate maximum air velocities of up to 120 mph

Uniform Spreading From 20 to 45 Feet

The airflow-generating zone uses Redekop’s patented fan blades tucked away outside of the cutting zone. Specially designed shrouds build up air speed around the six fan blades at either end of the rotor

The MAV generates extra-high velocity air speeds up to 120 mph to blow the finely cut straw and chaff uniformly across the cutterbar width for unmatched spreading performance.

Easy Adjustments

The MAV residue manager allows you to easily fine-tune the spread to match changing field conditions. In the field, the easily adjustable fins and tailboard fine-tune the spread for uniform residue distribution across the width of the cutterbar. Complete replacement choppers feature independent left and right rapid adjustment with Redekop’s exclusive split tailboard design.

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