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Express Nozzle Body End Cap


This new product provides a unique solution to a major issue of shutoff lag. As production continues growing, applicators are seeing an increase in the amount of time it takes for nozzles to stop emitting spray after valves are closed on boom sections. This is an uneconomical situation, as just five seconds of excess spray on a sprayer moving at a average speed can result in more then 70 feet of over-spray. Express End caps solve this, while also providing additional benefits.

This system works by aspirating air from the boom when present to greatly reduce shutoff lag and chemical waste. It allows the nozzle body to be mounted directly at the end of the pipe, removing interference issues with boom structures that the extended pipe caps present. The end of the pipe is directly capped off with a removable plug for easy cleaning.

“Dead” space beyond last nozzle body is eliminated, improving boom hygiene, and the amount of SS pipe needed per section is greatly reduced. This product further reduces cost by using thin wall tubing without welded fittings or heavier schedule 40 pipe with pipe threads and allows for use of lower cost section valves instead of valves with flow back functions.

More new products

PowerRich Corporation

Providing A Total Fertilizer PowerRich, along with your present nitrogen program, provides a total fertilizer. In addition to phosphorus and potassium, PowerRich also provides all of the other nutrients that are either absent from your soil or in a form unavailable to your crops. Plants are living organisms and require all 14 known nutrients in order to achieve maximum growth, health and yield. Under intensive farming practices, your crops are the same as the livestock in the barns in that they require the full spectrum of required nutrients, not just the three primary nutrients. Split Field Test Results In split field test trials PowerRich consistently out performs the regular PKS fertilizer program. The single most important reason is that PowerRich is fortified with a full spectrum of micronutrients in a form that is usable by the crop. Plants require a wide variety of nutrients for maximum growth, health and yield. By adding PowerRich to your present Nitrogen fertilizer program, you'll be stage feeding your crops with a complete, balanced fertilizer in a form that is usable by your crop. Granular, soluble and foliar blends are all available to fit your existing application methods. The results can be seen in the two photographs below. The upper photo is a crop in Southwestern Manitoba. The field was split. A conventional blend was used on the left as compared to PowerRich on the right. The lower photo also shows the difference between PowerRich and a conventional chemical fertilizer program. Visit us at: PowrRich Corporation; Your Soil is Your Future

Exhibitor - Canada's Outdoor Farm Show 2013, Seed, Chemicals, Fertilizer & Inputs, Sprayers & Chemical Applications | Sep 5, 2013 | Available at Zuidervaart Agri Import

Allen Leigh Security and Communications

Farm Security -- We specialize in Agriculture,and Commercial Business Camera Monitoring Systems. Allen Leigh has been in the farm security business since 1996. We provide wireless video monitoring, alarm systems, farm security systems, two-way radios, surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVR's), drive way alarms, temperature alarms; implement cameras, and wire and wireless video and audio equipment. Everything you need to keep your operation secure. We offer products from such well known manufacturers as CNB, Dakota Alert, Vertex Standard, and DSC. Our own brands, Implement Cam and Cow Cam further contribute to our efforts to meet the needs of our clients. But in our quest to solve farm security problems for our clientele, we can access over 300 brand name products to help solve virtually any security or surveillance situation that our clients come to us with. Learn more at:

Computers, Software & Communications, Exhibitor – Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Monitoring, Control Equipment & GPS | Jul 4, 2013 | Available at Zuidervaart Agri Import

Batco Belt Conveyers

1500 Series

Designed for performance and durability

  • Capacity up to 6,000 bu/hr.    
  • 10" diameter 14 GA tube (note: on 55' - 100' first 30 feet has 12 GA tube for additional strength)    
  • 2-ply 15" Chevron rubber belt with nylon slider back    
  • Models in 5' or 10' lengths from 35' - 100'    
  • Weather protector standard on 55' - 100'    
  • Hydraulic scissor lift offers greater reach and bin clearance - standard on 65', 75', 85', 90' and 100' models    
  • Maximum operating angle (30º)    
  • Plastic hood and collapsible canvas hopper provide excellent cushioning for fragile materials

Drive Options:

  • PTO (side or front)    
  • Hydraulic (shorter units only)    
  • Electric    
  • Gas


  • Self-propelled wheel move kits    
  • Weather guards (optional on 35'-45' models)    
  • Swing Away (designed for unloading tractor trailer units)    
  • Stainless steel available for all lengths (longer lead times)
1500 Series Features
  • Clean convenience
  • Gentle handling
  • High capacity
  • Low horsepower
  • Low maintenance/long wear characteristics

Custom Applications/Specifications

Custom Configured - Batco Conveyors can be custom fit for almost any requirement.

Depending on the model, choose from gas, electric, PTO, hydraulic or gas/hydraulic combo drives. The unique Batco S-drive can be mounted almost anywhere along the tube – at the lower end to accommodate PTO drive, or higher on the tube for other drives to allow longer reach into bins. An electric top-drive is also available for models under 45 feet. An optional integral swing hopper or portable transfer adds versatility as does the optional self-propelled kit. Most Batco models are available in corrosion resistant stainless steel to accommodate bulk material handling. Advanced custom belt conveyor configurations can be accommodated by the factory. See your dealer for details

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 22, 2013 | Available at Batco – AGI

Twister Grain Storage

Twister’s new 4" wide corrugated grain bins are available in capacities up to 380,220 bushels. Roof Design Corrugated with 30-degree roof slope on all models 3" high multi-step roof rib Pre-punched rolled edge flange for 15" round or gooseneck roof vents 40" filler cap opening with remote opener Additional rib stiffeners available for higher snow loads, higher peak loads or temperature cable loads Ladder Design Optional outside and inside ladders available Outside ladder includes safety cage for bins 6, 7 and 8 tiers high Outside ladder includes safety cage and platform for bins 9-12 tiers high Bin Unload High capacity 11" U-trough unload 8" or 10" tube unload 7" power sweep Large center hopper Pre-positioned intermediate hopper Incline, vertical or horizontalpowerheads available Stiffeners Complete catalogue available as stiffened or unstiffened Roll-formed deep, galvanized lipped hat sections for maximum efficiency Standard stiffeners are 88" and cover two rings; special top stiffeners are shorter to accommodate the wall height All stiffener material is ASTM 653, Grade 50, Class 1 Door A large walk door, 64" x 30", standard on all unstiffened and stiffened bins Three heavy-duty inner panels to allow easy access to the bin A single pin door is used on 15' to 30' bins and a double pin door is used on series 33' and larger Heavy-duty frame maintains the bins side-wall integrity Optional auger chute available in bins up to 7750 bushel (260 m3) capacity   Full Floor Aeration Easy to install full floor aeration  Available in 18 and 20-gauge  7" wide lanced planking with 12% open area 13" and 17" floor supports available 4" Corrugated Hopper Bottom Bins Twister also offers a line-up of new 4" corrugated hopper toppers designed to fit 15', 18', 21', 24' and 27' hopper bottoms. With capacities reaching over 18,000 bushels, these new hopper bins are a great storage asset to any farming operation. -----------------  

Products - Aeration & Conditioning Equipment

Full Floor Aeration
  Full Floor Aeration   Easy to install full floor aeration   Available in 18 and 20-gauge   7" wide lanced planking with 12% open area   13" and 17" floor supports available  

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at

Grain Guard

THE NEXT GENERATION ROCKET:  An innovative, stronger and even more reliable Rocket! Our experienced Research & Development team has innovated the Rocket Aeration System, yet again. We've improved upon the original rocket design and are pleased to introduce, the NEXT GENERATION. 

New Design:

  • Smooth louvered surface allows for cleaner unloading 
  • 4% to 8% more louvered surface area (depending on model) than the Classic Rocket
  • Improved performance through re-design to provide more air delivery to the center of the hopper, where air is most difficult to move
  • New reduced weight, re-designed side legs and internal support rings provide greater structural strength, up to 125% greater than the Classic Rocket 
  • Improved design results in increased vertical loading up to 30' in grain height
  • 3 leg design provides better stability in the bin
  • Design allows the installation of the Next Generation Rocket into commercial applications by simply adding extra legs, up to five on the 7000 series and up to eight on the 8000 series
  • The Next Generation is a result of 5 years of field testing

Next Generation Rocket Leg Design:

  • Extended legs reach up to top reinforcing rings (3/4 up Rocket length) to provide a much stronger structure
  • Additional leg along with new design allows for increased stability during irregular grain flows while unloading the bin
  • Shipped with new fold-up legs attached, this eliminating difficult field assembly

Laser Cut Internal Ring:

  • Designed for increased structural strength of the Next Generation Rocket
  • More robust design withstands increased side loads due to irregular grain flow during unloading of the bin
In-Line Centrifugal (IL) Fan

In-Line Centrifugal (IL) Fan

  • Available in 3, 5, 7 and 10 hp sizes
  • 18", 24", and 28" diameter openings
  • Steel constructed air-foil rotor
  • Aerodynamically designed inlet cone
  • Weatherproof electrical controls
  • Heavy-duty air-over cooled motor
  • 3450 rpm
High Speed Centrifugal Fan

NEW High Speed Centrifugal Fan

  • Available in 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 hp models
  • Adapts to most aeration systems
    • 3, 5 and 7.5 hp have 9" x 14" outlet
    • 10 hp has 12" x 17" outlet
  • Airfoil precision balanced steel blades ensure maximum airflow and efficiency
  • Enclosed, fan cooled, electric motor

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Grain Guard – AGI

Westfield – Grain Augers

The NEW Westfield MKX Series

Designed by you...

You told us that your grain auger has to be one thing: reliable. We listened – introducing the MKX with over 75 proven performance enhancements including: precision engineered auger flighting, commercial strength frame and trussing and easier-to-use hopper, guaranteeing unmatched dependability and serviceability. The MKX comes in 64’ - 114’ lengths, making it the highest capacity auger ever made by Westfield. The new generation Westfield MK series augers are fast and efficient, simple and dependable, labor-saving and easy to use. Exactly what you want in a grain auger.

The MKX Series offers:

  • Heavy-duty A-Frame undercarriage with massive 4"x10" tubing and extendable axles.
  • Commercial grade trussing where Westfield adds steel for unparalleled structural rigidity (standard on 84-114’ models)
  • Precision engineered flighting, designed for extended life and smooth, reliable operation
  • Extendable axes for stability
  • Tapered Boot: Maintains maximum capacity when the auger is raised to its highest position
  • Tapered Swing Hopper: 10.5” low profile hopper has left and right hand flighting with a 6” one piece rubber extension to prevent grain splashing
No matter what your farm size, Westfield makes an auger model to meet your grain handling needs! -------------  

WR/TFX2 Intake Hopper

Westfield's intake hopper option for your WR or TFX2 auger makes it easier to unload bins and fill trucks without the hassle of a poly hopper.
  • Available in 8" and 10" models
  • Optional wheel kit with adjustable height
  • Wear Edge flight in hopper
  • Self-leveling hopper with tapered transition neck
  • Easy clean out with removable access plate
  • Complete with tow hitch and fixed position stabilizer bar

Westfield Power Swing Get the job done faster with Westfield's newly designed Power Swing.

Available in 12V Electric or Hydraulic drive, the Power Swing features:
  • Top wind jack to adjust wheel traction
  • Large lug tires for positive grip
  • Two wheel drive design
  • Easy installation
Fits Most Auger Makes    

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Westfield – AGI

Wall Grain – Bins

Westeel Centurion W Bins

Range in sizes from 10 000 - 300 000 bushels. The Centurion is a commercially designed bin excellent for larger capacities. They come with the same features as the Wide Corr design and it utilizes lighter gauge wall sheets with outside stiffeners allowing for greater strength without adding extra expense. -------------

MC (Mathews Company) Dryers

Family-owned manufacturer of quality grain dryers for more than 50 years. Many options in the 75 Series, 80 Series and Infinity Series screen dryers to fit any size operation. They also manufacture Vacuum Cool Tower Dryers which are great for Corn drying. MC manufactures continuous flow dryers and they are constructed for high efficiency and ease of operation.


Fast-Dry is a low cost option for drying your grain (compared to a dryer). This method requires a bin with full floor aeration and matching up the right size of fan and burner to go along with it. The right set-up will allow you to take the grain off the field sooner (tougher) when the weather is good and let you mimic the drying that would happen on hot fall days in the field. This can help you save grades on the grain and help with time constraints during harvest. StorMax The grain in your bin is a huge investment, so why ignore it once the bin is full? StorMax gives the option of temperature-reading-cables, or cables that read both moisture AND temperature. Both are simple to use (plug-and-play technology), and the information you can gather from your cables is invaluable


With the time demands a modern farmer faces every day, monitoring grain conditions is often the first thing to slip. With Integris, it doesn't have to! From remote notifications to fan and burner automation, Integris takes pre-set conditions that you decide on and gives you both the control and freedom you need to maximize your farm profits. ----------------------

Bin Set-up

With so many options available to the modern farmer, what is it that makes them choose Wall Grain? Time and time again we've been told by our customers that it's our set-up crews that close the deal. With a network of crews based throughout Western Canada we are able to offer service with efficient, on time service. Our crews are among the most trusted and dedicated in the business with a track record of high quality, fast, clean work.  All our crews are overseen by a construction foreman who is always available to ensure that our high standards are met or exceeded. Quality service is always the benchmark that we work towards. That means customer service after your grain handling system has been built.  We strive as a company to keep your facility running as efficiently in the future as it was when first built.

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Grain Handling & Storage, Monitoring, Control Equipment & GPS | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Wall Grain Handling Systems Ltd.

Wheatheart Mfg. (feat. fencing: Post Pounder)

Introducing Wheatheart's S2000 Post Pounder

  • Hammer weight of 600 lbs with ballast
  • Maximum ballast is 280 lbs
  • Operating distance above ground is 4' - 9'4"
  • 9' maximum post length
  • Shipping weight 720 lbs
  • Side to side ±16° (32° total)
  • Front to back ±17° (34° total)
  • Hydraulic requirement – 7 gpm at 1500 psi
  • Hydraulic post hugger
  • 3-point hitch Cat II and III compatible
----------------------------------------------------------- Introducing the Self-Propelled Pounder
  • Features greater maneuverability
  • 13 hp Honda gas engine
  • D22 Parker hydraulic pump (7.75 gpm at 3600 rpm)
  • Hydrostatic two-wheel drive with four spool valve
  • Total weight with self propelled kit is 2950 lbs/1338 kg (kit weight 370 lbs/168 kg)
  • Length in working position is 12’1”/368 cm
  • Hydraulic spike can be used for stability and as a brake
  • Over-center engages/disengages wheel drives
  • Safety locks provided for transport mode
  • Flip-up front caster wheel
  • 16 gal. capacity steel hydraulic reservoir
  • Operating speed set at walking pace (approximately 3 mph/4.8 kmh)
Self-Contained – no truck or tractor required for operation   Convenient Controls – one man operation allows for faster post installation   Independent Hydraulic Drives – offer sharp turning radius and precise control   Stability Spike – allows for accurate and safe post positioning   Heavy-Duty – designed for long life, low maintenance   Increased Effeciency and Reduced Fuel Consumption – No idling tow vehicles

Attachments, Equipment & Accessories, Fencing, Livestock Equipment, Feed & Supplies | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Wheatheart – AGI

Wheatheart Mfg. (featuring Augers)

X Series 13" Augers:  It’s the auger you asked for. Wheatheart’s latest innovation - the X Series auger features over 75 new performance enhancements. With a precision engineered, commercial strength frame and redesigned hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability. The X Series 13" auger is available in 74', 84' and 94' lengths. The New X Series 13" Auger Features:

  • Heavy-duty scissor lift undercarriage
    • Massive 4" x 10" tubing
    • Extendable axles
    • Dual cylinder lift
  • Steel trussing for 84' and 94' auger
    • 2 ½" steel trussing max strength and stability (74' has cable trussing)
  • Better serviceability: external grease points on hopper u-joints and gearbox u-joints, large hinged cleanouts on boot, large gearbox inspection plates and hopper service door
  • Increased capacity
    • Tapered boot maintains max capacity in all positions
  • New flight connections
    • Square one bolt flight connections provide positive torque transfer
---------------------------------------------------- Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit:   Never push, pull or lift an auger again. With Wheatheart's Self-Propelled Auger Transport Kit, one person can move the largest auger with ease. Our add-on package, which fits all auger makes, features a central control panel to raise, lower and drive the auger. Each kit comes complete with all necessary brackets, pulleys, valves, hoses and fittings, as well as a winch kit and dolly wheel frame. **Fits Most Augers** Electric Clutch option also available Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit Features
  • 10" models available in 31', 36', 41' and 51' lengths.
  • 8" available in 31', 36', 41', 46' and 51' lengths.
  • Optional Self-Propelled Mover Kit allows one person to position the largest auger with ease.
  • Rugged A-frame design provides maximum stability.
  • Up to 40% longer reach at the intake end of the auger for better access to bin
--------------------------------- Binsweeps:  Hydrostatic Bin Sweeps move more grain faster! Hydrostatic SuperSweep The biggest, cleanest bin sweep yet! The Hydrostatic Supersweep's high-capacity cupped 8" flighting moves grain fast, while its backboard with handles scrapes floor clean in one pass!  The Hydrostatic Supersweep works great on both field-piled grain and aerated floors. Portable Standard SuperSweep The Portable Standard Supersweep features a unique upright design in a wheeler style, which provides easy movement over any terrain. The easy-starting 9 hp Honda motor with 7 gal hydraulic reservoir provides plenty of power for those bigger jobs. Unique Safe-T-Valve All our Wheatheart binsweeps feature a unique patented Safe-T-Valve with manual re-set that shuts down flighting automatically if it plugs or jams. In-Bin SuperSweep The In-Bin Supersweed has cupped 8" flighting to move grain fast, while the backboard scrapes the bin floor behind the auger. In one pass the SuperSweep takes everything.  This unit can be moved from bin to bin, so it’s the only sweep you need. SuperSweep Drive Wheel The SuperSweep Drive Wheel is recommended for use with larger bins (over 24' diameter) or when a more aggressive feed into the grain pile is desired. Binsweeps Features:  Hydrostatic Bin Sweeps move more grain faster.

Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Wheatheart – AGI

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