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Grain Guard has been a trusted expert in grain aeration and conditioning for over 25 years. Grain Guard specializes in the manufacturing of natural air grain drying equipment, aeration fans and low temperature heaters. Grain Guard’s revolutionary Retro Rocket and Next Generation Rocket designs allow farmers to condition or naturally air dry grain in new or existing hopper bottom or smoothwall bins. While Grain Guard remains the leader in flat bottom aeration systems, with more than 100,000 in-line, low speed and high speed centrifugal fans in operation worldwide. Grain Guard – Partners on your Farm


Grain Guard is an AGI brand.


AGI is a leading manufacturer of grain, seed, feed, food and fertilizer handling, blending, storage and conditioning equipment. Our brands are amongst the most recognized in the industry. The AGI product catalog includes portable handling equipment (augers, belt conveyors, grain vacs), permanent handling systems (bucket elevators, enclosed belt conveyors, chain conveyors, structural) and storage systems (aeration, drying, bins/silos) that service various sectors for on-farm and commercial operations.



Grain Guard Product Listing

The Next Generation Rocket Over the past number of years, our research and development team has been working to improve our Classic Rocket design. The result – an innovative, stronger, and even more reliable Rocket. Presenting The Next Generation Rocket.   Features:

  • Smooth louvered surface allows for cleaner unloading
  • 4% to 8% more louvered surface area (depending on model) than the Classic Rocket
  • Improved performance through re-design to provide more air delivery to the center of the hopper, where air is most difficult to move
  • New reduced weight, re-designed side legs and internal support rings provide greater structural strength, up to 125% greater than the Classic Rocket
  • Improved design results in increased vertical loading up to 30′ in grain height
  • 3 leg design provides better stability in the bin
  • Design allows the installation of the Next Generation Rocket into commercial applications by simply adding extra legs, up to five on the 7000 series and up to eight on the 8000 series
  • The Next Generation is a result of 5 years of field testing
Next Generation Rocket Leg Design:
  • Extended legs reach up to top reinforcing rings (3/4 up Rocket length) to provide a much stronger structure
  • Additional leg along with new design allows for increased stability during irregular grain flows while unloading the bin
  • Shipped with new fold-up legs attached, thus eliminating difficult field assembly
Laser Cut Internal Ring:
  • Designed for increased structural strength of the Next Generation Rocket
  • More robust design withstands increased side loads due to irregular grain flow during unloading of the bin
    In-Line Centrifugal (IL) Fan
  • Available in 3, 5, 7 and 10 HP sizes
  • 18″, 24″, and 28″ diameter openings
  • Aerodynamically designed inlet cone
  • Weatherproof electrical controls
  • Heavy-duty air-over cooled motor
  High Speed Centrifugal Fan
  • Available in 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 HP models
  • Adapts to most aeration systems
    • 3, 5 and 7.5 HP have 9″ x 14″ outlet
    • 10 HP has 12″ x 17″ outlet
  • Precision balanced steel fan wheel ensures maximum airflow and efficiency
  • Enclosed, fan cooled, electric motor
    Low Speed Centrifugal Fan
  • Available in 10-30 HP models
  • Adapts to most full floor aeration systems
  • Precision balanced, seam welded steel wheel ensures maximum airflow and efficiency
  • Adjustable feet are standard to allow unit to be leveled on a concrete pad or blower support stand
  • Enclosed, fan cooled, electric motor
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