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Hypro Pumps


Hypro’s reputation for quality spray pumps began in 1947. Over 60 years later, Hypro pumps remain in high demand throughout the world.

Our product line includes roller, centrifugal, diaphragm, turbine, piston, plunger, gear and impeller pumps as well as spray tips, nozzles and accessories used in the agricultural, firefighting, pressure cleaning, marine and industrial equipment industries.


Express Nozzle Body End Cap

This new product provides a unique solution to a major issue of shutoff lag. As production continues growing, applicators are seeing an increase in the amount of time it takes for nozzles to stop emitting spray after valves are closed on boom sections. This is an uneconomical situation, as just five seconds of excess spray on a sprayer moving at a average speed can result in more then 70 feet of over-spray. Express End caps solve this, while also providing additional benefits. This system works by aspirating air from the boom when present to greatly reduce shutoff lag and chemical waste. It allows the nozzle body to be mounted directly at the end of the pipe, removing interference issues with boom structures that the extended pipe caps present. The end of the pipe is directly capped off with a removable plug for easy cleaning. "Dead" space beyond last nozzle body is eliminated, improving boom hygiene, and the amount of SS pipe needed per section is greatly reduced. This product further reduces cost by using thin wall tubing without welded fittings or heavier schedule 40 pipe with pipe threads and allows for use of lower cost section valves instead of valves with flow back functions.

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