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The Maxi-Harrow's (Rotary) unique tines link together to form an immensely  strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground. For most applications, one pass with the Maxi-Harrow   prepares a seedbed on minimum-till land, even where surface residue is heavy. In   wet years, the Maxi-Harrow has been used successfully for seeding wheat, barley,   soybeans and many other crops. In dry years, the Maxi-Harrow helps maintain   moisture by creating mulch on the soil surface - effectively sealing moisture   in. Adjust the angle of aggression according to what  you want to accomplish. When set correctly, it levels the ground and eliminates  planter bounce. 30 Degrees:       Aerates wet soil, allowing you to seed from 3 to 7  days sooner       Levels and breaks up no-till corn stalks 35 Degrees       Levels small ridges and produces superior seedbeds       Knocks down corn stalks leaving the roots in the  ground       Fills cracks on the dry land to conserve moisture 40/45 Degrees       Levels large ridges and rough fields       Incorporates chemicals efficiently - up to 95% of the chemical on the  first pass       Rejuvenates pastures and hay land       Breaks down large clumps  

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