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Thunder Seed Inc.


Thunder Seed, Inc., is a quality seed company which is backed by many years of experience through it’s owner-operators.  Thunder Seed is committed to meeting the changing needs of today’s farmers. By monitoring the latest technologies and incorporating that knowledge into high-yielding seed products, Thunder Seed is linking today’s farmer with tomorrow’s technology. Look to Thunder Seed’s product line-up for high-yielding corn, trial-winning Roundup Ready® soybeans and conventional soybeans. We at Thunder Seed grow and test all of the new varieties on our farms before we release them to the farmers for commercial production. The varieties have to perform well on our farms before we will release them to the public. Can Thunder Seed compete with the larger seed companies of the world? Yes! Thunder Seed has equaled and often exceeds the competition. Check us out in the local and state test plots. When our competitors compare data be sure they show you all the plot information – not comparisons that only show the results that make them look good. See for yourself – plant our products on your farm and reap the benefits.

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