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Land Roller:  The heaviest production land roller on the market.

The Mandako Land Roller features a simply designed, easy to use triplex roller on wider  models or a single roller on narrow models. Easy to use in the field and easy to  transport on the road. Working widths up to 60′.


Reduce Repairs – Prevent swather and combine wear/breakage by incorporating the Land Roller into your equipment maintenance program.

  • An expensive and time-consuming combine repair can be avoided by simply pushing the rocks into the ground with the Land Roller and therefore keeping the rocks out of the combine
  • Avoid sickle bar knives and guards from breaking, achieving equipment longitivtiy by             keeping them from running in the dirt

Twister Vertical Tillage Machine:  A Twister you will welcome in your field!

The Mandako Twister is the true Vertical Tillage machine, outperforming the competition in heavy soils and clay applications.


  • Pre-tilling
  • Zone-tilling
  • Residue & manure management


Heavy Duty Construction:  The heaviest Vertical Tillage machine on the market.
Aggressive Tillage:  Unique ability to angle the discs up to a 9 degree angle. On-the-fly angle adjustment.
Independent Disc Suspension:  The Twister Vertical Tillage machine can penetrate any soil conditions and stay in the ground.
  • Superior spring-down pressure on each disc
  • Independent disc system (vs the “ganged” system which risks damage to the unit  and inconsistent tillage)
Avoids Debris Plugging:  In wet conditions, our machine is renowned for not “plugging” with debris and in the fall allowing the operator to effectively deal with wheat stubble and BT Corn stalks.

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