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Metered Grain Insertion System


n attachment for Highline’s CFR 650, this system meters grain or pellets directly into the CFR 650 for an even feed without hot spots. The blend of shorter cut lengths in roughage increases digestibility, therefore improving rumen efficiency and increasing daily weight gain. This, in turn, reduces feed days and increases overall profit.

The Metered Grain Insertion System ensure whole grains are cracked for increased nutrient absorption, and allows grain and roughage to be mixed consistently. The decided amount of grain is then metered and blended into the hay or straw windrow. Cattle are unable to sort this mixed ration feeding system, proving for an even feed. The system as a whole reduces waste and labour hours, and is cost efficient. Loading bales is simplified with adjustable forks, and twine is easily removed with the patented Twine Cutter also available.

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