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Grain Handling & Storage | Apr 15, 2013 | Available at Wheatheart – AGI


X Series 13″ Augers:  It’s the auger you asked for. Wheatheart’s latest innovation – the X Series auger features over 75 new performance enhancements. With a precision engineered, commercial strength frame and redesigned hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability. The X Series 13″ auger is available in 74′, 84′ and 94′ lengths.
The New X Series 13″ Auger Features:

  • Heavy-duty scissor lift undercarriage
    • Massive 4″ x 10″ tubing
    • Extendable axles
    • Dual cylinder lift
  • Steel trussing for 84′ and 94′ auger
    • 2 ½” steel trussing max strength and stability (74′ has cable trussing)
  • Better serviceability: external grease points on hopper u-joints and gearbox u-joints, large hinged cleanouts on boot, large gearbox inspection plates and hopper service door
  • Increased capacity
    • Tapered boot maintains max capacity in all positions
  • New flight connections
    • Square one bolt flight connections provide positive torque transfer


Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit:   Never push, pull or lift an auger again.
With Wheatheart’s Self-Propelled Auger Transport Kit, one person can move the largest auger with ease. Our add-on package, which fits all auger makes, features a central control panel to raise, lower and drive the auger.
Each kit comes complete with all necessary brackets, pulleys, valves, hoses and fittings, as well as a winch kit and dolly wheel frame.
**Fits Most Augers**
Electric Clutch option also available
Self Propelled Auger Transport Kit Features

  • 10″ models available in 31′, 36′, 41′ and 51′ lengths.
  • 8″ available in 31′, 36′, 41′, 46′ and 51′ lengths.
  • Optional Self-Propelled Mover Kit allows one person to position the largest auger with ease.
  • Rugged A-frame design provides maximum stability.
  • Up to 40% longer reach at the intake end of the auger for better access to bin


Binsweeps:  Hydrostatic Bin Sweeps move more grain faster!
Hydrostatic SuperSweep The biggest, cleanest bin sweep yet! The Hydrostatic Supersweep’s high-capacity cupped 8″ flighting moves grain fast, while its backboard with handles scrapes floor clean in one pass!  The Hydrostatic Supersweep works great on both field-piled grain and aerated floors.
Portable Standard SuperSweep The Portable Standard Supersweep features a unique upright design in a wheeler style, which provides easy movement over any terrain. The easy-starting 9 hp Honda motor with 7 gal hydraulic reservoir provides plenty of power for those bigger jobs.
Unique Safe-T-Valve All our Wheatheart binsweeps feature a unique patented Safe-T-Valve with manual re-set that shuts down flighting automatically if it plugs or jams.
In-Bin SuperSweep The In-Bin Supersweed has cupped 8″ flighting to move grain fast, while the backboard scrapes the bin floor behind the auger. In one pass the SuperSweep takes everything.  This unit can be moved from bin to bin, so it’s the only sweep you need.
SuperSweep Drive Wheel The SuperSweep Drive Wheel is recommended for use with larger bins (over 24′ diameter) or when a more aggressive feed into the grain pile is desired.
Binsweeps Features:  Hydrostatic Bin Sweeps move more grain faster.

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